Welcome to the Comfort Mama

We're an Australian maternity label who dared to embark on the journey of motherhood with you.

Put up those weary feet (for however long you've got) and browse our range of buttery-soft dresses that'll drape beautifully around your ever-evolving mama curves.

Mama, We've got you!

Motherhood requires high-quality, practical and ultra-comfortable clothing that can multi-task as well as you can. Because some days you conquer; other days, you contemplate selling your kids on eBay (sigh!).

That's why The Comfort Mama provides; a ready-to-wear dress line that doesn't compromise on comfort or style. 

We are getting changed! 

We know you need optimal support and we've been paying attention.

Due to the rising cost of creating purely Australian made, eco-friendly, long-lasting, luxurious dresses, we will be raising our prices by $34 per set as of May 1st, 2021.

If you would love to get your dress at our current prices, just make sure you purchase by April 30th, 2021!

Of course, with added cost comes added value!

That's why, after the price rise, our dresses will now be sets; including reusable, breathable, eco-friendly breast pads, just for you.

The let-down reflux can be cruel. Have you ever found yourself soaked at the grocery store? That crying baby doesn't even need to be yours to end in a drenched dress and a quick head down shuffle towards the exit!

We know. It's uncomfortable, embarrassing and we have all been there. Luckily, we are now providing a solution to keep your dress dry and outing mishap free.

Our reusable breast pads are Australian made with breathable fabric to give you back the comfortable confidence to venture beyond your front door!

Our sets are perfect for pregancy, before and during labour, while nursing and for long after your babe has grown.

Our dresses make you feel like, Mama, you got this!

Get supported with our new dress sets from May 1st.

Limited stock.