Here at The Comfort Mama we are extremely passionate about supporting Mums on their journey in this ever-changing role. As a result we are so proud to be able to support The Parentmedic Movement.

The Parentmedic Movement is an organisation devoted to empowering parents to save their child's life.

The purpose is to give Parents & Carers the skills and confidence to keep their children safe, because every parent in the world has a right to know what to do if their child is sick or injured, regardless of their cultural or socioeconomic background.

They turn fear into confidence, and knowledge into power, both in Australia and across the world, through connecting parents to an approved network of trusted, passionate first aid educators.

Parentmedic has also created and launched an incredible digital course 'Online Baby First Aid', packed full of valuable content to prepare parents & carers with vital first aid information and up-to-date health recommendations for common baby and childhood illnesses. Feel confident caring for your unwell baby at home and learn when, where and how to seek the best medical attention. This is all delivered at an affordable price to be completed in your own time. A wonderful program for any expecting or new parent, and a way to learn all those newborn first aid essentials. Check it out here.


Every parent, every child.
The Parentmedic Movement believes that all parents should know
how to keep their children safe, regardless of language, situation or finances.
The Parentmedic Movement's mission is for every parent to know
how to help their child: to keep them safe, prevent injury and
to know exactly what to do when their child needs them.
Parentmedic started in Australia and will continue to grow around the world.
The job at Parentmedic is simple: they help parents save their child's life through information only first aid training. They do this through the simple act of connecting parents to quality first aid educators, and helping educators reach more parents. They are a movement: gathering like-minded, passionate people together to work towards the goal of empowering parents and saving lives.